Syncing an Estimate with a Quote

The Services CPQ – Salesforce CPQ Connector enables you to sync an estimate with its related Salesforce quote and vice versa. Regardless of whether the sync is actioned on the estimate or quote page, records on both the estimate and quote are added and updated.

Estimate product instances are copied as quote lines, and any details not related to estimate products are copied as a quote line associated with the selected opportunity product. All the quote lines are grouped in a quote line group named Services by default, or you can select the quote line group to add them to in the Quote Line Group field on the estimate.

For more information about Salesforce quotes, search for Quotes in the Salesforce Help.

  • You cannot sync an estimate to a quote if it isn't already associated with one. This is done when creating the estimate by selecting a quote, or when an estimate is created from a quote.
  • If you ungroup the synced records in the quote line editor, the records remain ungrouped if you sync to quote again.

To sync an estimate with a quote:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • On an estimate record, click Actions | Services CPQ – Salesforce CPQ Connector | Sync with Quote.
    • In the quote line editor, click Sync with Estimate.
  2. If there are role requests on the estimate that are not associated with an estimate product, a window to create a quote line for the independent role requests is displayed. Search for and select a services product in the Product field to use to create a quote line. The resource requests that will be created from these role requests will be associated with the new quote line. If this window is not displayed, go to step 4.
  3. [Optional] Enter a description.
  4. If both the estimate and quote are primary, the estimate is also pushed to opportunity. Click Next. If either the quote or estimate is not primary, go to step 6.
  5. Review the fields that resource requests will be consolidated by. If estimate role skills are enabled in Services CPQ in your org, you can move them from the Selected list to the Available list to exclude them from the criteria to consolidate role requests by. For more information, see Pushing an Estimate to an Opportunity.

    Your administrator can specify the fields for role request consolidation or disable it. For more information, see Managing Custom Settings from Setup.

  6. Click Sync.

After syncing, if a record is deleted from the estimate, its associated record on the quote is also deleted and vice versa.