New Features and Enhancements in Tax Reporting Summer 2023

The following new features have been introduced in the Summer 2023 release of Tax Reporting.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, see Upgrading to Tax Reporting Summer 2023. This provides a summary of the items that have been added for each feature and details of any required upgrade steps.

Enhancements and Renaming in Tax Reporting and Tax Codes

We have renamed the VAT Reporting package to Tax Reporting to adapt its name to the existing VAT Return Reporting functionality and the new Business Activity Statement functionality for Australian companies. We have also introduced the following enhancements.

New Business Activity Statement Object

We have created a new Business Activity Statement object so that you have all your data centralized in Tax Reporting.

For more information, see Australian Business Activity Statement.


The new Business Activity Statement object replaces the Accounting Business Activity Statement object, which has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

For more information, see Deprecated Elements.

Tax Groups and Tax Group Companies

We have renamed the VAT Group and VAT Group Company objects to Tax Group and Tax Group Company respectively to support Australian companies using the GST tax regime. We have also enhanced the setup process to assure consistency in the tax groups and their tax group companies.

For more information, see Creating a Tax Group.

Tax Reporting Permission Sets

We have renamed the Tax Reporting permission sets to adapt them to the existing VAT Return Reporting functionality and the new Business Activity Statement functionality.

For more information, see Permission Sets and Other Technical Documentation.


The VAT Return Reports - Generate Reports permission set is deprecated. See Upgrading to Tax Reporting Summer 2023 for further details.

New Tax Box Mapping Details Section for Tax Codes

We have added a new Feature Console feature to add the Tax Box Mapping Details section and the fields required for VAT Return Reporting and Business Activity Statement to the Tax Code Layout page layout. We have also renamed the Net Box and Tax Box fields to VAT Net Box and VAT Tax Box respectively and added the new BAS Gross Box, BAS Net Box, and BAS Tax Box fields.

For more information, see Enabling Tax Box Mappings.

Certinia Help

If you open the Help utility bar component from a Tax Reporting tab, you can now access the relevant Help page for that tab. This applies to the following tabs:

  • Business Activity Statements
  • Tax Groups
  • Tax Groups Companies
  • VAT Return Reports

For more information about the Certinia Help Lightning component, see Certinia Help Overview.