Translation Reporter FAQs

Q. 1 What happens if I change a label with Translation Reporter and then you issue a new, different translation in the next product version?

A Your change is preserved.

Q.2 Why can’t Translation Reporter find the label I am looking for?

A Translation Reporter can only find translations recorded by Certinia, so if you have created a translation outside Translation Reporter, we will not have a record of it and so the search will not find it. Also, some Certinia apps are integrated with others and may use labels from those integrated apps. If you have based your search on the current page, try removing this restriction to allow your search to include other apps. For example the billing document resides in Foundations, but some labels are provided by the Billing Central app.

Q.3 Can I use Salesforce Translation Workbench instead?

A Although you could change many labels with Salesforce Translation Workbench, you cannot change Certinia custom labels in this way. If you change labels with Translation Workbench, Translation Reporter will be unaware of them.

Q. 4 Why is a label still showing in English?

A Make sure you have activated the language in Salesforce Translation Workbench. Check the list of Known Issues. Also, if the machine translation fails to find a suitable replacement, it uses the English value and this will have been included in the language pack. Use the Translation Reporter to change the label, which will also notify Certinia so we can update the language pack.

Q.5 How can I get the latest translations for my Certinia application?

A The language packs are supplied with your package at installation time. You can only update to the latest translations by upgrading your application.

Q.6 What happens to the suggestions I send you?

A Suggestions are reviewed by our product teams, and if the suggestion is appropriate for the majority of customers then it will replace the original translation in the next release of the product. If it is not included in the next release, it will still be held by Certinia as a valid translation for your org, so you will still be able to make future changes to it if needed, using the Translation Reporter.