Setting up the Translation Reporter


If you decide to use Translation Reporter, you should not make local amendments to labels using Salesforce Translation Workbench. This is because the Translation Reporter search facility cannot find labels amended by Salesforce Translation Workbench.

Installation Process

The installation must be performed by Certinia. You can raise a case on Community to request this.

After installation the global action Change Translations needs to be added to a publisher layout and assigned to the required profile as follows:

  1. Navigate to Set up | Publisher Layouts.
  2. Add the action to an existing layout or create a new layout.
  3. Click Mobile & Lightning Actions.
  4. Click Override the predefined actions if necessary.
  5. Add the "Change Translation" action.
  6. Click Save.
  7. If you created a new layout in Step 2, click Publish Layout Assignment.
  8. Click Edit Assignment.
  9. Assign the layout to the profiles.


Grant users the following permissions to enable them to make amendments:

  • Add the users as translators in Salesforce Translation Workbench, for each language they use.
  • Grant Manage Translation system permission on their profile.
  • Select the API Enabled checkbox in system permissions on their profile.
  • In Setup | Connected Apps:
    • Edit the Certinia Services Gateway installed with Foundations.
    • Click Edit Policies and set the Permitted Users to Admin approved users are pre-authorized.
    • Assign the connected app to the profile or permission set of your users.
  • Grant Modify Metadata Through Metadata API Functions system permission on their profile.
  • Assign the permission set Translation Reporter Translator to the user.