Translation Reporter Known Issues

This section describes known problems, restrictions, requirements and general information affecting your use of Certinia Translation Reporter.

The following areas of the products are not translated in this release:

  • Record type descriptions for Foundations.
  • PSA configuration values that are imported during setup.
  • Billing Central:
    • The Welcome tab is not translated and it only links to English tutorials.
    • We recommend the CPQ Setup Wizard is used in English because it maps to Salesforce CPQ terminology, which is not translatable.
  • Dashboards and reports - The supplied dashboards and folders are in English only.

The following areas of the products are not translated due to Salesforce limitations:

  • The descriptions of apps on the Lightning Experience app launcher.
  • Lightning tab names.
  • Permission set names and descriptions.
  • Custom settings names and descriptions.

The following types of labels cannot be amended in your org by the Translation Reporter at this release due to Salesforce limitations:

  • Object name
  • Object description
  • Object label, object plural label


Labels in your org are updated immediately but there can be a delay of several hours before a new label takes effect on the screen. For some labels, you can look in Salesforce Translation Workbench to check that the updates have been made.