Translation Reporter Overview

Translation Reporter enables you to amend the translated values supplied by Certinia. The amendment you make to a translated value is transmitted to Certinia as a suggested change for our translation database. Your org is updated, and the local amendment takes effect immediately.

For more information on the Certinia products (namespaces) that have been translated, see Available Language Packs.

You can allow selected users to make an amendment for their language. For example, if a Resource Manager is working in PSA and wants to change a label on the screen for their selected language, they access the Translation Reporter from the Global Actions menu. Refer to Setting up the Translation Reporter for instructions on how to configure this.


Each suggestion sent to Certinia is anonymous. No information is sent about the user or their role/profile. Certiniarecords the ID of the org that suggestion was sent from. This is so that you can access your amendments later with Translation Reporter. Your amendments are not visible to other customers. Accepted suggestions may be included in future releases.

Prerequisites for Translation Reporter

The following prerequisites must be met to enable you to use Translation Reporter:

  1. You must have My Domain implemented on your org.
  2. You must enable Salesforce Translation Workbench in your org. To see the implications of enabling this feature, for example on picklists and filtering, refer to the Salesforce help topic “Support Users in Multiple Languages”.
  3. You need to work in Lightning Experience to access the Translation Reporter.
  4. You must install Foundations Spring 2020 or later.

Certinia is making available Translation Reporter for your convenience to enable you to submit suggestions to improve our translations. Should you submit a suggestion to amend translated text, your suggestion may be used by Certinia to amend or refine translated text, but Certinia is not obliged to accept any such suggestion. All suggestions will constitute feedback and provided subject to the terms of your Master Subscription Agreement with Certinia.

Language Packs

All available language packs are supplied as standard - you do not have to request them from Certinia. In addition to the language packs, we provide a Translation Reporter app that you can use to maintain the translations.


Language packs provide translations for text packaged with our products. Note that no extra or specific functionality for a locale is provided by the packs, for example processing for local accounting or legal requirements.

Available Language Packs

Unless specifically listed, this does not include extension packages or integrations. Online help, documentation, tutorial and training content is only provided in English.

For more information on available language packs, see Available Language Packs.