SCM Apex API Developer Reference


global with sharing class ReceiptsService

This service is used to support actions that are performed on a receipt.



global static List<Id> create(List<scmc.ReceiptDTO> receiptDTOList)

Generic service to perform receipts. The type of receipts is driven by the DTO used as parameter.
Supported entities:

  • Customer Return: all the lines being received must belong to the same Customer Return.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
receiptDTOList List<scmc.ReceiptDTO> List holding the the DTOs used for the receipt.

Return Value

The id list of receipts created.

Sample Code

//Note: This sample code is for demonstration purposes only. It is not intended for
//use in a production environment, is not guaranteed against defects or errors, and
//is in no way optimized or streamlined.

SCMC.ReceiptDTO.CretDTO serializedCretDTO = new SCMC.ReceiptDTO.CretDTO();
serializedCretDTO.CustomerReturnLineId = 'a1f170000015QQgAAM';
serializedCretDTO.QuantityToReceive = 1;
serializedCretDTO.SerialNumberList = new List<String> {'SN1'};

SCMC.ReceiptDTO.CretDTO nonSerializedCretDTO = new SCMC.ReceiptDTO.CretDTO();
nonSerializedCretDTO.CustomerReturnLineId = 'a1f170000015QQfAAM';
nonSerializedCretDTO.QuantityToReceive = 1;

List<SCMC.ReceiptDTO.CretDTO> cretDTOList = new List<SCMC.ReceiptDTO.CretDTO> { serializedCretDTO, nonSerializedCretDTO };
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