SCM Apex API Developer Reference


global inherited sharing virtual class SCMPlugin

Class used for various SCM Plugins (see SCM Plugins custom setting for a list). Extend this class and override the 'execute' method to run custom code during a specific transaction in SCM.


Financial Force, Inc.


Name Type Description
doRollback boolean If true, the code initiating the plugin call will do a rollback if an exception is thrown. * If false, the custom plugin code will need to handle any database rollbacks.
throwException boolean If true, exceptions from inside the plugin will be caught, logged, and thrown again. * If false, they will just be caught and logged.



global virtual void execute(Id[] recordIds)

This method will be called during the SCM transaction for the designated plugin. It must be overridden for any action to take place.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
recordIds Id[] A list of record Ids. The type of records depends on the specific plugin.

Return Value

Does not return a value.

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