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global with sharing class CODAAPISingleMappingTypes_2_0

The service class relates to Mapping Used In Excel


global with sharing class SingleMapping

context - c2g.CODAAPICommon_2_0.Context - Identifies the Certinia company in which the current operation executes. value - c2g.CODAAPISingleMappingTypes_2_0.SingleMapping - Holds details of the SingleMapping instance you want to create. name - string -The name of an existing SingleMapping instance that you want to override. Leave this blank if you do not want to override an existing instance. overrideExisting - boolean - Set to true if you want this SingleMapping instance to override the instance identified by the 'name' parameter.


Name Type Description
Id id
IsDeleted boolean
Name string
CreatedDate datetime
CreatedById c2g.CODAAPICommon.Reference
LastModifiedDate datetime
LastModifiedById c2g.CODAAPICommon.Reference
SystemModstamp datetime
ExcelColumn string
MappingFormat c2g.CODAAPICommon.Reference
ServerColumn string
TypeRef string


global with sharing class SingleMappings


Name Type Description
SingleMappingList c2g.CODAAPISingleMappingTypes_2_0.SingleMapping[]
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