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global with sharing class CODAAPISingleMapping_2_0

Deprecated: Deprecated: Use the Salesforce API for CRUD operations.

The service class relating to Single Mappings. These are used when loading data into Accounting from Microsoft Excel.


Name Type Description
VERSION_STRING String The API version.
SERVICE_NAME String The name of the service.



Deprecated: Deprecated: the class has been marked as deprecated, so this method will not be available in the future

webService static String GetAPIVersion()

Used to get the latest API version.

Return Value



Deprecated: Deprecated: The class has been marked as deprecated so this method will not be available in the future.

webService static String GetServiceName()

Used to get the name of the service.

Return Value



Deprecated: Deprecated: Use the Salesforce API for CRUD operations.

webService static c2g.CODAAPICommon.Reference CreateSingleMapping(c2g.CODAAPICommon_2_0.Context context, c2g.CODAAPISingleMappingTypes_2_0.SingleMapping value, String name, boolean overrideExisting)

This service allows you to create a SingleMapping instance of an Excel column to a corresponding Certinia field. Used to input data with Microsoft Excel. See the Certinia XL Help for more information.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
context c2g.CODAAPICommon_2_0.Context Identifies the Certinia company in which the current operation executes.
value c2g.CODAAPISingleMappingTypes_2_0.SingleMapping Holds details of the SingleMapping instance you want to create.
name String The name of an existing SingleMapping instance that you want to override. Leave this blank if you do not want to override an existing instance.
overrideExisting boolean Set to true if you want this SingleMapping instance to override the instance identified by the 'name' parameter.

Return Value

This web service returns a CODAAPICommon.Reference object.

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