Human Capital Management REST API Developer Reference


The HCM REST API is a RESTful web service that enables you to run HCM rules. Authentication and authorization are provided by the Salesforce implementation. For more information, see Salesforce Developers REST API web pages.

About this Guide

This Guide uses some terminology that may have a different meaning in Salesforce or other installed packages. For example:

  • Insert: Adds a record to the table.
  • Modify: Changes a record. If the record does not exist then it is created.
  • Update: Changes a record.
  • GET, POST, and PATCH are the equivalent of non-REST API commands Read, Create, and Update.
The URI is case-sensitive.

Use "-" as a separator in date formats. Date format should be yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss. For example, for December 13, 2016 use "2016-12-13" or "2016-12-13 00:00:00".


You can access the REST Explorer by logging in to Salesforce Developer Workbench and browsing to Utilities | Rest Explorer.

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