Human Capital Management REST API Developer Reference


Represents a candidate resume parser REST API structure


URI /services/apexrest/v1.0/candidateresumeparser/*
Description Insert candidate records with related education and work experience records fetched from resume

Input Parameters

filename Name of the resume file from which candidate records need to be inserted
filebody Resume body in base64 encoded string format, from which candidate details are fetched and new candidate is inserted
ownerid User ID

Sample Code

// POST Request
   "filename": "FileName.docx",
   "ownerid": "a1rj0000000f1PR",
   "filebody": "Binary data goes here"

// POST Response
   "WorkExperienceIds": ["a1C1500000nPGg6EAG"],
   "RecordId": "a1D15000004MKvPEAW",
   "EducationIds": ["a1A15000002bb2pEAA"]
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