Setting up the SCM Accounting Connector

Installations are carried out by the Certinia Onboarding team. To install the SCM-FFA Connector package, first make sure that the required packages are installed in your org, then contact your Customer Support representative.

SCM Accounting Connector Winter 2023 requires the following Certinia packages to be installed:

  • Accounting Winter 2023 or newer
  • SCM Winter 2023 or newer

Before Installing

This section describes the tasks that you must consider before installing the connector.

GL Accounts and General Ledger Accounts

The SCM Accounting Connector allows you to map GL Accounts in SCM to General Ledger Accounts in Certinia Accounting for the purpose of exporting inventory transactions to journals. We recommend that you have the GL Accounts and General Ledger Accounts set up in your organization before installing the connector.

Older Versions

Before installing the connector we recommend that you uninstall older versions of the connector.


These custom fields in the Organization Settings custom setting are part of the old connector and have no effect on this version of the SCM Accounting Connector:

  • Auto Post Journals
  • Auto Post Payable Invoice
  • Auto Post Sales Invoice
  • FF Active

Post-Install Steps

If you have permissions to do so, you can follow the steps described in this section to set up and configure the SCM Accounting Connector. You must be logged in as an administrator or equivalent to perform the steps.

SCM FFA Connector Setup Tasks



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