Creating and Posting an Intercompany Journal

To create a new intercompany journal in the source companyClosed Company that initiates an intercompany transaction.:

  1. Make sure the source company is your current companyClosed The company in which you are working. This is represented by the company queue to which you, and new instances of objects you create, are assigned..
  2. Click the Journals tab.
  3. Click New next to Recent Journals on the journals home page.
  4. Accept, or amend, the default journal date (today).
  5. Accept, or amend, the default journal currency (home).
  6. [Optional] Enter a reference and/or description.
  7. Accept, or amend, the default accounting period for this journal. This period must be open.
  8. When adding a new line, select "Intercompany" as the type of line you want to add and select the destination companyClosed Company that receives the costs during an intercompany transaction..
  9. Select the appropriate destination line type and related item value.
  10. Complete the remaining journal line item and destination line details, as described in Journal Line Items.
  11. [Optional] Add further journal line items.
  12. [Optional] Click Validate on the button bar to check the journal as a whole is valid for posting.
  13. Click Save to save the journal or Cancel to abort. You can also click Save & New to save the changes to the current journal and create another.

When you are ready, you must post the intercompany journal in the source company. See Posting Journals for more information.

In addition to posting the normal transaction, this creates the appropriate intercompany transferClosed Object used as a staging location for data used when transferring costs to other companies in the same organization. record in the destination company.