What is an Intercompany Transfer?

The Intercompany Transfer object is an intermediate staging location used during the intercompany process.

Intercompany transfer records are automatically created when an intercompany document is posted in the source companyClosed Company that initiates an intercompany transaction..

You can reject an intercompany transfer in the destination company.


Most fields on an intercompany transfer record are read-only (see Intercompany Transfer Fields for details of any exceptions). You cannot delete intercompany transfer records.

If you amend an intercompany document after posting, the corresponding intercompany transfer is not modified.

Processing status

Status Description
Available Available for processing.
Complete Completed processing without error.
Complete - Auto processed The intercompany transfer has been processed successfully by the auto-processing batch job.
Error Completed processing but with one or more errors.
Rejected The intercompany transfer was rejected. The person who posted the document in the source company will have received an email confirmation that contains a reason for the rejection. The reason for rejection also appears on the intercompany transfer record.