Rejecting an Intercompany Transfer

You can reject an intercompany transfer in the destination companyClosed Company that receives the costs during an intercompany transaction. provided that its processing status is "Available". The processing status of the intercompany transfer record will be set to "Rejected". This status change can be temporary or permanent.

To reject an intercompany transfer:

  1. Log into the destination company.
  2. On the All Tabs page, select the Intercompany Transfers tab.
  3. Select the "Available" list view, and click Go.
  4. Click the intercompany transfer number to review the transfer details.
  5. If you want to reject the transfer, click Reject. Otherwise, navigate back to the intercompany transfers list view.
  6. Enter a reason for the rejection.
  7. Click Confirm.

What happens now?

  • The destination document is not created.
  • The processing status of the intercompany transfer record is set to "Rejected". The reason is stored in the Reason for Rejection field.
  • A notification message is sent to the source document sender in the source company. The reason for rejection will appear on the message returned to the sender.

Later, if the dispute has been resolved, you can click Accept to set the intercompany transfer back to a processing status of "Available". The Reason for Rejection field is cleared. If you want to see the original reason for rejection after this field is cleared, review the field history tracking information.


If you want to be notified by Chatter, your administrator must enable Chatter and feed tracking for the Intercompany Transfers object. The default notification is by email.