Accounting Playbook Fields

The Accounting Playbook object includes the following fields.

Key * – Mandatory field



Company   The company for the accounting playbook.
Description   The description for the accounting playbook.
Due Date   The date until when the accounting playbook is valid. This date cannot be earlier than the start date of the playbook.
Name * The unique name of the accounting playbook.
Overdue   Displays when the accounting playbook due date is earlier than the current date. This field is displayed in the Details tab.
Period   The period for which the accounting playbook will be created. When you search for the period, the drop-down list displays the periods of the selected company.
Period End Date   The period end date of the period selected for the accounting playbook. This field is auto-populated once the period is selected and is displayed in the Details tab.
Playbook Owner   The owner of the accounting playbook who is responsible to ensure that the tasks are completed by the assignees.
Start Date * The start date of the accounting playbook. By default, the period end date is the start date.

Displays the status of the accounting playbook. The following statuses are shown:

  • Not Started - When all the related tasks are not started or there are no related tasks.
  • In Progress - When at least one related task is in progress or blocked.
  • Complete - When all the related tasks are done.


The following buttons appear on an Accounting Playbook page.

Button Description
Clone Makes a copy of the existing accounting playbook.
Delete Deletes the accounting playbook.
Edit Displays the fields to edit for the accounting playbook.