Accounting Playbooks Overview

Accounting playbooks are used to manage all the related Accounting tasks in one place. You can either create accounting playbooks manually or generate them from an accounting playbook template. Playbook owners are responsible for creating, editing, and managing accounting playbooks. They are also responsible for ensuring that the related tasks are completed by the assignees. For more information, see Accounting Playbook Fields.

In the Summer 2023 release, you can create only period end playbook type of accounting playbooks or accounting playbook templates. The other types will be introduced in the future releases.

To generate period end playbooks from a template, visit the Period End Playbooks page from the App Launcher. For more information, see Generating Period End Playbooks from Templates.

When creating or generating the period end playbooks, it is optional to create playbooks for every company and period. We recommend you to merge the playbooks when possible. For example, multi-company period end procedures can be merged into one playbook by selecting the period record of the ultimate parent company or the consolidation adjustment company. This will decrease volumes and make it easier to manage playbooks and tasks.

  • For playbook owners to create, edit, read, or delete any accounting playbook, task, template, or task template, ensure that the Accounting - Playbooks permission set is assigned to them. If this permission set is assigned, you do not require to assign the Accounting - Playbook - Edit Task permission set.
  • For assignees who are assigned to any accounting playbook task, ensure that the Accounting - Playbook - Edit Task permission set is assigned to them to edit the task.

For more information, contact your administrator.

Accounting Playbook Tasks

Every accounting playbook has one or more related tasks. You can either create an accounting playbook task for an accounting playbook manually or generate it for an accounting playbook from an accounting playbook task template. The status of the accounting playbook depends on the status of the related tasks. For more information, see Creating Accounting Playbook Tasks.

Accounting Playbook Templates

You can also create accounting playbook templates to generate the accounting playbooks from those templates, instead of creating them manually. For more information, see Creating Accounting Playbook Templates.

Accounting Playbook Task Templates

Accounting playbook task templates are used to generate tasks automatically for the accounting playbooks that are generated from existing accounting playbook template. For more information, see Creating Accounting Playbook Templates.