Creating Accounting Playbooks

Accounting playbooks are used to manage all the related Accounting tasks in one place. You can either create accounting playbooks manually or generate them from an accounting playbook template.

  • To create and edit accounting playbooks you must have the Accounting - Playbook permission set assigned. For more information, contact your administrator.
  • In the Summer 2023 release, you can create only period end playbook type of accounting playbook or accounting playbook templates. The other types will be introduced in the future releases.

To create an accounting playbook manually:

  1. From the App Launcher, navigate to Accounting Playbooks.
  2. Click New and the New Accounting Playbook window displays.
  3. In the Name field, enter a unique name for the accounting playbook. For example, April Period Close Company Name.
  4. [Optional] Enter the description for the playbook.
  5. In the Company field, specify the company.
  6. [Optional] Specify the playbook owner.
  7. For creating period end playbooks, select the period.
  8. Select the start date and due date.
  9. The status of the playbook is displayed according to the status of its related tasks. When there are no tasks, the Status field displays "Not Started". For more information, see Status.
  10. Click Save. The accounting playbook is created.

In the Details tab:

  • The Period End Date field is auto-populated if you mention the period while creating the playbook.
  • The Overdue field displays if the due date is earlier than the current date.

In the Related tab, you can view the related accounting playbook tasks and the accounting playbook history.


If a playbook has associated tasks, you cannot change its due date.