Reports Home

Clicking on the Reports tab displays the reports home page. The Reports tab is part of the underlying Salesforce platform. If you are an existing Salesforce user, you may have some custom reports already. See the "Reports" section of the Salesforce Help for more information on using this feature.


The Accounting Reporting Expansion Pack contains a useful set of custom reports. See the Accounting website and Administrator Setup (First Install) for more information.

History Tracking and Reporting

The History related list of a detail page tracks changes to the object. Any time a user modifies any of the fields whose history is set to be tracked, a new entry is added to the appropriate History related list. All entries include the date, time, nature of the change, and who made the change. Click the help icon in the History related list section for information about setting up which fields are tracked.

If this list is very long, or you want to generate a printable change history report, click the Reports tab and select the appropriate report from the Certinia Reports folder.

See the Salesforce Help for more information.