Depreciation Method Fields

The Depreciation Method object contains the details of the available depreciation methods in Fixed Asset Management. Here is a description of the fields on the Depreciation Method object:

Field Name Description
Calculation Class Name of an Apex class that implements the depreciation method. Fixed Asset Management has these default depreciation methods:
  • FAM.DM_Declining_Balance_200
  • FAM.DM_Declining_Balance_250_Germany
  • FAM.DM_Declining_Balance_150
  • FAM.DM_StraightLine
  • FAM.DM_Sum_of_the_Years_Digits
  • FAM.DM_Units_of_Production

The Apex class that you specify must implement the DepreciationCalculation interface.

If you want to change the way in which depreciation is calculated, you must write your own depreciation class and create a new depreciation method for that class.

For information about how the default depreciation methods work. See Depreciation Methods.
Display Formula Formula field that displays a visual representation of the depreciation formula.
Formula URL URL to the image of the depreciation formula. This must be an image contained within the Fixed Asset.

If you create your own depreciation class, you must implement the generateSchedules global method. This is used to generate depreciation for partial periods of a depreciation book.

Several new methods on the DepreciationCalculation class have a Depreciation_Book__c parameter. This parameter is a queried object which only contains a few minimal fields. If you have added new fields to the Depreciation Book object that rely on your Depreciation Calculation implementation, use the DepreciationBookQueryFields Class to extend the queries of the Depreciation Book object.


If you intend to modify a depreciation class that has already been used to calculate depreciation, we strongly recommend that you create a new applied depreciation method, depreciation method and depreciation class.

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Depending on the page layout your administrator has chosen, the Depreciation Method Detail page contains related lists that show the fixed assets and depreciation books that use the depreciation method.