Submitting Assets for Approval

When you create a new asset, you must submit it for approval. The asset is not created in the financial system until it has the status Approved.

The status of an asset determines when the fixed asset message is sent to the financial system:

  • Once you submit an asset for approval, it becomes locked. Depending on the approval process your administrator has chosen, if you want to make changes to the asset at this point, you can recall the approval request.
  • You can submit assets for approval when their status is New, Rejected, or Recalled.
  • If an asset has been approved successfully, Fixed Asset Management automatically creates a new acquisition journal. The journal's description uses the existing asset's description preceded by Asset Acquisition:.


Fixed Asset Management is supplied with a default approval process. Your administrator may have customized the default approval process for your organization. In the default approval process, the status of assets is automatically set to Approved when you submit them for approval. When an asset is approved, an acquisition message is sent to Foundations. Accounting can subscribe to this message to receive it.

Submitting a Single Asset for Approval

To submit a single asset for approval:

  1. Click the Fixed Assets tab.
  2. Select the Name of the fixed asset that you want to submit for approval.
  3. Click Submit for Approval.
  4. Click OK.

Submitting Multiple Assets for Approval

To submit multiple assets for approval:

  1. Click the Fixed Assets tab.
  2. Choose a view from the drop-down list to select the records to display.
  3. Select the checkboxes of the assets that you want to submit.
  4. Click Submit Assets for Approval. The Asset Submission page lists the assets that can be submitted for approval, and identifies any assets that are not eligible to be submitted for approval.
  5. Click Submit for Approval to proceed.
  6. Click Close.

Resending the Asset Message

If the accounting system does not receive the asset message for an asset with the status Approved, you can resend it:

  1. Click Resend Acquisition on the Fixed Asset Detail page of the asset that you want to resend the message for.
  2. Click Resend.