Recording Fixed Assets

You can record your company's fixed assets in Fixed Asset Management by importing them using a Salesforce data loader, or by creating the record manually.


If you import or edit fixed assets using a data loader, they are subject to the same validation rules as creating a single asset.
If you are using a multi currency org, check that the Currency field has been added to the Fixed Asset page layout before importing or manually creating a fixed asset record. If it has not, you will need to add it in edit mode.

To create a fixed asset record in Fixed Asset Management manually:

  1. Click the Fixed Assets app.
  2. Click the Fixed Assets tab.
  3. Click New.
  4. Enter the number or description of the asset tag fixed to the asset.
  5. Enter the date on which the asset was first used.
  6. Enter the cost of the asset.
  7. Enter the date on which the asset was acquired.
  8. Complete the remaining fields depending on the requirements of your organization. See Fixed Asset Fields.
  9. Click Save.

Fixed Asset Management is supplied with a default approval process. Your administrator may have customized the default approval process for your organization. In the default approval process, the status of assets is automatically set to Approved when you submit them for approval. When an asset is approved, an acquisition message is sent to Foundations. Accounting can subscribe to this message to receive it.