What is Company Tax Information?

The company tax information held on a Foundations company is used to ensure tax is calculated correctly for that company's billing documents, according to the jurisdiction in which the company trades.

Company tax information includes:

  • The tax type: VAT, GST, or SUT
  • A default tax engine: Certinia's internal tax calculation method, or Avalara AvaTax
  • Additional fields for VAT/GST

When you have created your company tax information records, assign them to the Foundations companies in your org. You can assign the same company tax information record to more than one company. For example, you might create one company tax information record for your VAT companies, and another company tax information record for your SUT companies. You can also create company tax information directly from a company's detail page provided that a company tax information record has not already been assigned.

You can configure Billing Central's automation feature to automatically calculate tax using a company's default tax engine. If your permissions allow, you might be able to override the default tax engine when calculating tax for billing documents manually:

  • The Calculate Tax button uses Certinia's internal tax calculation method.
  • The Calculate Tax with Avalara button uses Avalara AvaTax.

If you set the default tax engine to Avalara AvaTax, we recommend you still complete the SUT or VAT/GST fields on the company tax information record in case you click Calculate Tax to use Certinia's internal tax calculation method when calculating tax for billing documents manually.