Creating Company Tax Information

To create company tax information and assign it to a company:

  1. Click Create Tax Information on the detail page of the company to which you want to apply the information, or click the Company Tax Information tab.
  2. Enter a name for the company tax information record.
  3. Select the tax type relevant to this company tax information record.
  4. Select the tax engine to use by default.
  5. If you selected VATClosed Value Added Tax or GSTClosed Goods and Services Tax as the tax type:
    1. Select the tax code for the company to use by default.
    2. Select the VAT/GST Group checkbox if the company belongs to a VAT/GST group.
    3. Enter the tax registration number.
    4. Select a tax country code if the company is in the European Union.
  6. Click Save.

To assign an existing company tax information record to a company:

  1. On the company's detail page, enter the name of the company tax information record in the Tax Information field or click the lookup icon to search for it.
  2. Click Save.