Comparing Permission Differences

After the appropriate permission types have been added to the relevant selections, you can compare the permission differences at object and field level.

You can identify the permissions that are only present in one of the selections and can optionally save the permission differences from each selection.

Best Practice

We recommend you turn off debug logs when comparing large permission types in Permission Workbench. For more information about debug logs, see the Salesforce Help.

We recommend that you do not compare the standard System Administrator profile with users as this can affect performance.

Comparing Permissions

To compare permission differences between the selections, perform the following steps:

  1. Add permission types to Selection 1 and Selection 2 as described in Selecting Permission Types to Compare.
  2. Click Compare.
    Note: For permission types that contain a large volume of permissions, the action can take a while to process.
  3. When the differences have been calculated, select whether you want to view field or object permissions.
  4. [Optional] Enter the API name of a specific field or object to view permission differences for that item. The results are ordered alphabetically according to the object name. When viewing field permissions, the search returns results that match both field and object name.
  5. [Optional] To display field and object labels in the results, select Show Labels. In some circumstances, for example, if you do not have permission to view an object or field, the associated label cannot be displayed. This is indicated by a dash (–) in the Label column.
  6. Review the permission differences.
  7. To save the unique values for a particular selection, see Saving Permission Selections.