Saving Permission Selections

After you have compared or merged permissions, you can optionally save the results. You can save details to a new permission set or muting permission set, update an existing permission set or muting permission set, or export the permissions to a CSV file.

When updating an existing permission set or muting permission set, ensure that you know the label of the item you want to update.

When updating an existing permission set, we recommend that you clone the existing permission set first. This enables you to reinstate the original permissions easily, if required. You can make changes to any custom permission sets in your org, but we recommend that you make changes to permission sets that have not yet been assigned to users so you can check the permissions before assigning to users. For more information about cloning and assigning permission sets, see the Salesforce Help.

When creating a new muting permission set, ensure that you know the label of the permission set group you want to update. For more information on creating a permission set group and using muting permission sets, see the Salesforce Help.

When saving a permission set or muting permission set that contains permissions for objects in a Master-Detail relationship, be aware of any permission dependencies:

  • For permission sets that contain child object permissions, parent object permissions are included automatically. For example, if you save Billing Document Line Item object permissions, the relevant Billing Document permissions are also saved.
  • For muting permission sets that contain a parent object, child object permissions are muted automatically. For example, muting permissions for Billing Document automatically mutes the Billing Document Line Item permissions.

We recommend that you review object permission dependencies before saving your selections. For more information about permissions, see the Salesforce Help.


The following options are available from Summer 2021:

  • Save only a selection of permissions when comparing or merging permissions
  • Update existing permission sets and muting permission sets
  • Save to a CSV file

To save permission details, complete the following steps:

  1. Add permission types to Selection 1 and Selection 2 as described in Selecting Permission Types to Compare.
  2. Review permissions as described in Comparing Permission Differences or Merging Permissions.
  3. Select the rows that contain information that you want to save.
  4. Click Save As.
  5. Select the format you'd like to save the permission details to and complete the relevant steps.
  6. Click Save.

If your selection includes items that contain deprecated custom objects, be aware of the following:

  • All permissions for the selected permission types are listed when comparing or merging permissions. This includes permissions for deprecated items.
  • In Summer 2021, selected permissions from a deprecated object are automatically removed when saving to a new or existing permission set. However, permissions for deprecated objects can be exported to a CSV file or saved as a muting permission set.