Selecting Permission Types to Compare

You can use the Permission Workbench to compare the permissions contained in multiple permission types, such as permission sets, permission set groups, profiles, and users.

The Permission Workbench enables you to categorize the permissions you want to compare into two groups: Selection 1 and Selection 2. When comparing, all permissions from the permission types listed in Selection 1 are compared with those in Selection 2.

To add permission types to a selection:

  1. From the User Management app, select the Permission Workbench tab.
  2. Click Add in the permission selection area that you would like to add permission types to.
    • When comparing permission selections, ensure you have added different items in Selection 1 and Selection 2.
    • When merging permissions, items in both selections are processed. You can add permission types to Selection 1, Selection 2, or both.
  3. Select the permission type you want to add to your selection. You can select from the following permission types:
    • Permission Set
    • Permission Set Group
    • Profile
    • User
  4. To search for a specific permission type, enter its label and press Enter on your keyboard. A list of the permissions that match the search criteria is displayed.
  5. [Optional] To only view permission sets or permission set groups that are part of a managed package, select Managed Only.
  6. Select the checkbox next to each permission type that you want to add to the selection and click Add.
  7. [Optional] To view all selected permission types, click Show Selected.
  8. [Optional] To view all permission types for the selected filters, click Show All.
  9. Click Add.
  10. If you want to compare selections, repeat Steps 2 to 9 for the other selection area.

You can repeat the steps to add additional permission types to a selection.

Permission type selections are cleared whenever you leave or refresh the Permission Workbench page.