Installing Managed Packages

If you are already enrolled in the Continuous Update program, you can skip this section.

Information about the Continuous Update program and how to opt in is available on the Certinia Community.

Upgrade Installed by Onboarding

To prepare for upgrading:

  1. Submit a case to the Onboarding team via the Certinia Community to let them know you want to upgrade.
  2. Create a system administrator user for Onboarding to use when performing the upgrade and set the email address on the user to

Installing the Upgrade

If you are not enrolled in the Continuous Update program and the Onboarding team is not installing the upgrades for you:

  1. Follow the steps for installing managed packages as described in the Salesforce documentation and use the password provided.
  2. If the Approve Third-Party Access popup is displayed during installation, select the Yes checkbox and click Continue.

The installation runs in the background. When complete, you receive a confirmation email message.

If the package installation is unsuccessful, the email you receive contains further instructions and an error number. We recommend you try to install the package again before contacting Certinia Customer Support.