Preparing to Upgrade

This section lists things to consider before upgrading.

Accessing the Help

To access the Certinia Help, must be registered as a trusted remote site.


The URL must use the HTTPS protocol.

To check this on your org, from Setup, enter Remote in the Quick Find box and click Remote Site Settings. If there is no remote site listed with the URL, you must add one.

For more information about configuring remote site settings, see the Salesforce Help.

Supported Browsers

Foundations Summer 2023 supports the same browsers that Salesforce supports. For detailed information about supported browsers, see the Salesforce Help.


Ensure popup blockers are turned off for Salesforce in your browser settings.


Each user of Foundations must be a licensed user of a Certinia product. For information about managing licenses, see "Managing Licenses for Installed Packages" in the Salesforce Help.

To obtain more licenses for Certinia products, contact Certinia Customer Support.

Permission Sets

Permission sets are a feature of the Salesforce platform that enables you to manage user access. Permission sets for Foundations are provided by default. We recommend that you use permission sets instead of user profiles to manage your users' privileges.

For more information about how permission sets are used in Foundations, see Permission Sets.