New Features and Enhancements in Foundations Summer 2023

The following new features have been introduced in the Summer 2023 release of Foundations.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, see Upgrading to Foundations Summer 2023. This provides a summary of the items that have been added for each feature and details of any required upgrade steps.

FinancialForce is Now Certinia

We have made the following changes to align with our new Certinia brand:

  • The publisher name has been updated to Certinia
  • Package names no longer reference FinancialForce
  • In most cases, text referring to FinancialForce has been replaced with Certinia

For more information about these updates and related text changes, see the Package Name Updates article in the Certinia Community and the Technical Documentation Pack.

To learn more about our rebrand, visit the Certinia Community for a message from our CEO, Scott Brown.


Major versions include updates to both package and publisher names. In service packs, only the package name has changed. Some elements, such as theming and logos, have not been updated and other references to FinancialForce might remain visible in your org.

Changes to Relationship Activation Methods

To align with Salesforce’s best practices, we highly recommend using the more flexible Flow activation method instead of the Default and Button activation methods. From this release onwards, the Default and Button activation methods are no longer supported. If a messaging relationship is activated using these methods, it will remain in place until replaced. Once you change to another activation method, you cannot revert back to Default or Button. For more information, see Relationship Activation Overview.

Creating Mappings Using Parent Data

We’ve added functionality to create child mappings using Parent Data as the source type from the FDN Mappings component. This option enables you to map the parent source object to a related object on the target and then add specific mappings to this relationship.

For more information, see Adding Custom Mappings from the FDN Mappings Component.

Disabling Custom Mappings

With this release, it's now possible to verify if a mapping is enabled by checking the Status column added in the FDN Mappings component. You can access this action by clicking on the row of the mapping, enabling you to retain mappings when they are not in use. You will receive a notification if you disable or enable a mapping that has related mappings.

For more information, see Disabling Mappings.

Viewing Mappings on a Messaging Relationship

We’ve added new read-only capabilities when viewing managed and unmanaged mappings. This functionality enables you to review mappings and analyze mapping configurations efficiently for troubleshooting or auditing purposes. This capability has been added to the Message Types page and any Lightning Page that contains a FDN Mappings component.

To learn more about viewing mappings, see Viewing Mappings on a Messaging Relationship.

Sierra Leone Currency Update

We’ve added support for the new currency, SLE - Sierra Leone Leone.

For details about using this currency in Foundations currency and exchange rate features, see Activating Currencies in Foundations.

If you started using the SLE currency in Foundations exchange rates in Spring 2023, you can update the field label and name to show more details. For more information, see Updating a Currency’s Name when Only ISO Code is Displayed.

Accounts Payable Automation

Note: This feature is part of the Certinia Early Adopter Program. This program is only available to a limited number of customers. For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager.

A new Accounts Payable Automation functionality is introduced that is a simple and effective way to streamline your invoicing process by allowing payable invoices to be created automatically by scanning invoice attachments from your vendors. By eliminating data entry and reducing errors, you can save time and cost while improving accuracy.

For more information, see Accounts Payable Automation Overview.

New Product Updates Preflight Checks Page

The Housekeeping tile on the Updates and Product Versions page is now the Preflight Checks tile. From here you can check the preparedness of your org for the product upgrade you have scheduled, address any issues found during a preflight check, and manually run a preflight check.

For more information, see Product Updates and Versions Overview.

Product Updates Manual Preflight Checks

You can now launch the product update preflight checks manually. You might want to do this if you don't want to wait for the scheduled automatic preflight check to run.

For more information, see Launch the Preflight Checks Manually.

Inactive Update Schedule Users

Preflight checks require a job to be automatically launched from the customer org. The preflight check job is activated when the user enters the Foundation Workspace. When the user that activated the job by entering in the Foundation Workspace is deactivated, the user that initiated the deactivation becomes the new contact to ensure preflight checks continue to run. For more information see Preflight Checks.

Release Content

We want to help you find all of the information and help that you need to be productive with our products.

Certinia Trailhead

If you want to learn more about the new features in this release, see the Organization Setup and Administration (Foundations) - Summer 2023 Release Highlights Trailhead module. This module will guide you through the new features in Foundations.

We've also launched the Certinia Release Readiness module. In this module, you'll learn how to keep your org current and benefit from the latest innovations from Certinia.

In-App Guidance

Certinia In-App Guidance uses Salesforce user engagement features to deliver Certinia content, such as tutorials, and walkthroughs directly from our products.

In this release, we've updated several in-app guidance prompts. For a full list of the updates, see New Features and Enhancements in In-App Guidance Summer 2023.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, see Upgrading to In-App Guidance Summer 2023. This provides a summary of the items that have been added for each feature and details of any required upgrade steps.


Fixes are listed on the Known Issues page of the Certinia Community. You can access this page from the Community Support Hub. For a brief description of the issues that have been fixed in this version of Foundations, see the relevant section of the Known Issues page.