Deactivating Accelerate Build Process Builder Processes

The Accelerate Build adds several processes that rely on Foundations messaging. After you disable the message types using the Feature Console, these processes no longer execute. However, we recommend that you disable them.


Depending on when you were onboarded, some processes might not be available in your org and some process names might contain DEPRECATED .

Accelerate Build Integration Process Builder Processes
Process Name Process API Name
PSA - Billing Event to Sales Invoice/Credit Note FFX_PSA_Billing_Event_to_Sales_Invoice_Credit_Note
PSA - Expense Report to Payable Invoice/Credit Note FFX_PSA_Expense_Report_to_Payable_Invoice_Credit_Note
PSA - Journal Line Item to Miscellaneous Adjustment FFX_PSA_Journal_Line_Item_to_Miscellaneous_Adjustment
PSA - Payable Credit Note Expense Line to Miscellaneous Adjustment FFX_PSA_Payable_Credit_Note_Expense_Line_to_Miscellaneous_Adjustment
PSA - Payable Invoice Expense Line to Miscellaneous Adjustment FFX_PSA_Payable_Invoice_Expense_Line_to_Miscellaneous_Adjustment
PSA - Vendor Invoice to Payable Invoice/Credit FFX_PSA_Vendor_Invoice_to_Payable_Invoice_Credit
PSA - Set Credit Note Line Desc if Milestone FFX_PSA_Set_Credit_Note_Line_Desc_if_Milestone
PSA - Set Inv Line Desc if Milestone FFX_PSA_Set_Inv_Line_Desc_if_Milestone
Analysis Synchronisation: Dimension 1 Analysis_Synchronisation_Dimension_1
Analysis Synchronisation: Dimension 2 Analysis_Synchronisation_Dimension_2
Analysis Synchronisation: Dimension 3 Analysis_Synchronisation_Dimension_3
Analysis Synchronisation: Dimension 4 Analysis_Synchronisation_Dimension_4

For more information about how to disable a Process Builder process, see the Salesforce Help.