Migrating from the Accelerate Build Integration

Depending on when you were onboarded to PSA and Accounting, your org might use Foundations messaging and Salesforce flows or Process Builder processes to create Accounting documents and dimensions from PSA records. This is known as the Accelerate Build integration between PSA and Accounting. In this case, you must disable the Accelerate Build integration before setting up PSA – Accounting Connector.

Determining Whether Your Org Contains the Accelerate Build Integration

If you are unsure whether your org uses the Accelerate Build integration, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Foundations Setup tab.
  2. On the Publications & Subscriptions tab, browse through the defined message types.

If any of the following parent message types are available and their child message types are subscribing and publishing to PSA and FFA, this means that your org uses the Accelerate Build integration:

  • PSA - Integrations to FFA
  • PSA - Dimensions

If the message types are not defined, your org does not contain the Accelerate Build integration and you can continue setting up PSA – Accounting Connector. For more information, see Post-Install Steps.

For more information about Foundations messaging, see Foundations Messaging Overview.

Migration Steps

Perform the steps listed below to migrate from the Accelerate Build integration to PSA – Accounting Connector. Only steps 1 and 6 are required, however, we recommend performing all the steps in order.

You must be logged in as an administrator or equivalent to perform the steps. Access the related help page and complete the tasks described.

Steps to Migrate from the Accelerate Build Integration to PSA – Accounting Connector



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1 Disable the relevant message types and custom setting fields using the Feature Console. Disabling the Accelerate Build Integration
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4 Deactivate the FFX PSA Set Invoice details (ERP) workflow rule. Deactivating the Accelerate Build Integration Workflow Rule
5 Remove the fields from all page layouts, field sets, and permission sets. Removing Accelerate Build Integration Fields
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