Disabling the Accelerate Build Integration

The Disable Accelerate Build Integration feature helps you to easily disable the Foundations messages and custom setting fields created by the Accelerate Build. This is required before you can start using PSA – Accounting Connector functionality instead.

This feature has three automatic steps. Work through the steps in the order shown. For each step, click Perform. When the step has completed, the Status changes from "Not Done" to "Done".


Depending on when you were onboarded, you might not need to perform all three steps. For example, your org might not contain the custom setting field that controls whether sales invoices are automatically created from billing events. In that case, you can skip step 3. If you perform step 3, you will receive an error.

When you have completed all the steps, use the Status slider in the Feature section to enable the feature.

For more information about the Feature Console, see the following:

Next Steps

After disabling the message types and custom setting fields, we recommend that you perform several cleanup tasks. For more information, see the following: