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global with sharing class SelectionService

Contains data types used as part of the selection of data for Action Views.




global with sharing class Result

Result contains a 'table', as well as the query string run to generate the table. The table - One header holding field IDs, and a list of rows where each row is a list of values. The values in the rows are guaranteed to be in the same order as the field IDs in the header. E.g. If Header[0] = PersonName and Header[0] = PersonAge then Row[0].Value[0] = John and Row[1].Value[0] = Jane while Row[0].Value[1] = 20 and Row[1].Value[1] = 40


Name Type Description
Header ffr.SelectionService.Header The table header. Read Only.
Rows List<ffr.SelectionService.Row> The List of table rows. Read Only.
QueryString String QueryString used to get the table data.
Inaccessible List<String> The List of object fields blocked by CRUD or field-level-security. Read Only.


global with sharing class Header

Holds a list of IDs of DataviewField__c objects.


Name Type Description
Fields List<ID> List of DataviewFieldIds, i.e. the 'table header'. Read Only.


global with sharing class Row

Holds a list of values.


Name Type Description
Values List<Object> List of values, i.e. a 'table row'. Read Only.
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