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global with sharing class ContractsServiceActionReleaseForBilling

Invocable action to allow contract lines to be released for billing using clicks-not-code customisations. For the API exposing this functionality, see ffbc.ContractsHoldingService For information about using the invocable method in a flow, search for "Apex action" in the Certinia Help.



global static void releaseForBilling(List<ffbc.ContractsServiceActionReleaseForBilling.Request> requests)

Release billing contract line items from being on hold so that they are available for billing. Any amounts not billed while the lines were on hold will be included next time their contracts are billed. This method requires update access to the Billing Contract Line SObject type and its 'on hold' field.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
requests List<ffbc.ContractsServiceActionReleaseForBilling.Request> List of wrappers containing the contract line items to be released for billing.


global with sharing class Request

This class wraps the contract line item to be released for billing.


Name Type Description
lineId Id The ID of a billing contract line to be released for billing.



global Request()

The default constructor for a Request.

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