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global with sharing class ContractsServiceActionRenewAsync

Invocable action to allow contracts to be renewed using clicks-not-code customisations. For the API exposing this functionality, see: ContractsService.createRenewalsFromPricebook, ContractsService.createRenewalsWithNoPriceChange, ContractsService.createRenewalsWithPercentageAdjustment For information about using the invocable method in a flow, search for "Apex action" in the Certinia Help.



global static List<ffbc.ContractsServiceActionRenewAsync.Response> renew(List<ffbc.ContractsServiceActionRenewAsync.Request> requests)

Renew Billing Contracts Asynchronously.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
requests List<ffbc.ContractsServiceActionRenewAsync.Request> List of request objects containing the contracts to be renewed and the pricing criteria.

Return Value

A list of response objects containing the contracts to be renewed and any errors that prevented invocation of the renewal process. Further errors may appear in the Logs in due course.


global virtual with sharing class Request

A request to renew a contract. This class wraps the billing contract ID and the pricing criteria to be used. This class is virtual to work around a technical limitation and is not intended to be extended by customers.


Name Type Description
contractId Id The ID of a billing contract to be renewed.
contractDurationOption String Contract duration option: "AsMonths" or "AsDays".
lineDurationOption String Contract line duration option: "KeepSame" or "ExtendToMatchContractDuration".
pricebookId Id The ID of the price book from which to get the unit prices to be applied to the renewal.
percentage Decimal A decimal that determines how much the value of all unit prices is to be increased or decreased by. For example, enter 100 to increase prices by 100% (double them) or -50 to reduce prices by half.



global Request()

The default constructor for a Request.


global with sharing class Response

The response to a request to renew contracts. This contains the contract being renewed and the error if the contract cannot be renewed.


Name Type Description
contractId Id The ID of the billing contract to be renewed.
hasErrors Boolean True if errorMessage is populated with an error.
errorMessage String Contains an error message if there was an immediate error for this contract Id and the renewal async process was not queued.



global Response(Id contractId)

The default constructor for a Response.

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