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global with sharing class CustomFieldsService

This class provides functionality related to custom fields which are displayed on the enhanced UI.


global with sharing class Field

This class wraps the field path and value of a custom field on a record. This class is marked as serializable and deserializable to work around an issue in enforcing JsonAccess for Visualforce remoting requests. Warning: Do not rely on any behavior available via serializing as or deserializing from JSON that is not part of the global API because it might be subject to change.


Name Type Description
Path String The field path of the field relative to the record.
Value Object The value of the field on the record.
DisplayValue Object Read only. The value that is displayed for the field. If only the raw value is displayed, this will be null.
ViewUrl String The URL of the view page for the SObject being represented.



global Field()

The default constructor for this object.

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