Getting Started with Billing Central

This section lists the information your administrator should read and work through when setting up a new installation of Billing Central. Your administrator must perform the Post Installation Tasks, and if required the Optional Setup Tasks. Your administrator can then perform the Initial Data Setup.

If you are upgrading to this release, see Upgrading to Billing Central Spring 2023.

Post Installation Tasks

Post Installation Task

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Enable the Switch to Lightning Experience feature in Feature Console Switch to Lightning Experience
Customize page layouts for Salesforce objects and Billing Central objects Customizing Page Layouts
Grant access to fields that Billing Central adds to Salesforce objects Field-Level Security
Assign permission sets Permission Sets
Assign custom permissions Custom Permissions
Customize the Billing Document object Customizing the Billing Document object for use in Billing Central
Configure message delivery and billing document completion. This is essential to complete billing documents whilst preserving data integrity on billed contract lines. Configuring Message Delivery and Billing Document Completion

If you are using Billing Central with Accounting, set up the Billing Document to Sales Invoice or Credit Note integration to create Accounting documents from billing documents.

Billing Document to Sales Invoice or Credit Note Integration.

Set up a job to automatically generate billing schedules Setting up a Job to Generate Billing Schedules
Set up a job to automatically create billing documents Creating Billing Jobs
Set up a job to automatically expire contracts Setting up a Job to Expire Contracts

Optional Setup Tasks

Optional Setup Task

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Set up your org to email billing documents Setting up Document Email
Set up your org to print billing documents Setting up Document Printing
Understand how Billing Central uses field sets for contracts and billing documents Field Sets
Understand how Billing Central uses custom settings Managing Custom Settings from Setup
Configure Billing Central to execute processes automatically Billing Central Automation Overview
Configure consolidated invoicing Consolidated Invoicing

Configure Billing Central to create contracts from either:

  • Salesforce opportunities
  • Salesforce orders

Setting up the Opportunity To Contract Feature

Salesforce CPQ to Billing Central for Contracts

Set up analysis items for use in Billing Central Using Analysis Items in Billing Central
Set up flexible billing features Setting up Flexible Billing Features
Set up automatic creation of draft credit notes for refunds Automatic Creation of Draft Credit Notes - Important Information
Set up Salesforce flows to call Apex actions Custom Actions to Activate Contracts

Custom Action to Renew Contracts

Custom Actions to Place Contract Lines on Hold and Release Them for Billing

Initial Data Setup

Initial Data Setup Task

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Create billing contacts for your customer accounts Creating Billing Contacts
Create companies Creating Companies
Set up credit terms Using Billing Documents with Foundations Credit Terms

Set up tax


Setting up Tax
Create units of measure Creating Units of Measure
Create soft dates Soft Dates
Create products Creating Products
Filter the product list Filtering the Product List
Set up proration Proration Policies