Activating Currencies in Foundations

Before you can record exchange rates, you must specify which currencies you want to use in Foundations. Activating a currency in Foundations enables you to select it for use with an exchange rate group and record exchange rates against it. You can activate any currency that is available in Salesforce.

Working with Salesforce Currencies

You do not need to activate specific currencies in Salesforce before you activate them in Foundations. During the activation process, Foundations automatically activates all Salesforce currencies that relate to active Foundations currencies to ensure the details are synchronized.

If you have activated all the available currencies in Foundations and subsequently deactivate currencies in Salesforce, Foundations is unable to reactivate currencies automatically. If required, reactivate currencies in Salesforce manually for consistency. For more information about activating Salesforce currencies, see the Salesforce Help.


To activate Foundations currencies, you must have Salesforce multiple currencies functionality enabled in your org. See the Salesforce Help for information about enabling multiple currencies functionality.

If you do not have My Domain set up in your org, you must register the following URL as a trusted remote site in Remote Site Settings: (where YourInstance your org's Salesforce instance, such as NA9).

For more information about remote site settings, see the Salesforce Help.

Activating Foundations Currencies


You cannot deactivate a Foundations currency after it has been activated. We recommend that you only activate the currencies that you want to record rates for. You can activate additional Foundations currencies later if required.

Currencies that have already been activated in Foundations are listed in the Active Currencies section and are not available to select.

To activate currencies in Foundations:

  1. From the Currency & Exchange Rates app, click the Currencies tab.
  2. Select the currencies that you want to activate from the Available list and click  to add them to the Selected list.
  3. Click Activate and review the changes that Foundations will make to your org. This includes:
    • Adding fields to store details of the active Foundations currencies
    • Adding picklist values to store active Foundations currency names and ISO codes
    • Activating Salesforce currencies that correspond to active Foundations currencies
    For details of the changes, click Show More Information.
  4. To confirm that you understand the changes that will be made and continue with the activation, click Confirm.

Foundations stores active currencies as picklist values in the Default Currency and Selected Currencies fields on the Exchange Rate Group object. We recommend that you do not modify these values.