Setting up Your Org to Import Foundations Exchange Rates

Before you can run the Update Exchange Rates scheduled job to create exchange rates automatically, you can specify which rates you want to import. You can instruct the scheduled job to import rates from a specific rate provider for a set of exchange rate groups, currencies, and rate types. Rates are created for the combinations specified.

If you do not manually configure the settings on the Exchange Rate Updates tab, the scheduled job updates rates for:

  • All supported currencies
  • All groups with a supported default currency
  • The default rate type

The default rate type is specified on the Exchange Rate Type picklist on the Exchange Rate Entry object. By default, the scheduled job imports rates from the European Central Bank.

To configure the import settings for the Update Exchange Rates scheduled job:

  1. From the Currency & Exchange Rates app, click the Exchange Rate Updates tab.
  2. Select the rate provider you want to use to import exchange rates.

    If you choose to import rates from the European Central Bank, you must also create an active remote site setting for the European Central Bank that contains the following remote site URL:

    If you are importing rates from Salesforce, you do not have to perform this step. For more information about configuring remote site settings, see the Salesforce Help.

  3. Specify the rates you want to create automatically by moving items to the relevant Selected list:
    • Exchange rate groups
    • Currencies
    • Exchange rate types

    To do this, select items from the Available list and click  to move them to the selected list.


    You do not have to select a group's default currency as Foundations calculates the conversion automatically.

    Only currencies that are included in the selected exchange rate groups are available to import. If you remove a selected group, any selected currencies that are not used in the remaining selected groups are marked as invalid.

    To save valid combinations, remove the invalid currencies from the Selected list or select groups that include the currencies.

  4. Click Save. The next time the Update Exchange Rates scheduled job runs, the new settings are applied.
  5. [Optional] To run the Update Exchange Rates job and import rates based on the new criteria, click Import Rates.