Creating Foundations Exchange Rates

To create an exchange rate:

  1. From the Currency & Exchange Rates app, click the Exchange Rates tab.
  2. Select a group.
  3. Select a rate type.
  4. Enter the effective date of the new rate. The table displays all currencies and rates that are associated with the selected options. All rates are relative to the selected group's default currency, which is displayed above the table.
  5. Enter a rate. If a rate already exists for the selected options, you can override it.
  6. Specify the end date for the rate:
    • If the exchange rate is only valid for a specific range, enter the last date that the rate is valid.
    • Leave the end date blank to create a rate without an end date. The rate is effective until a later rate is recorded for the same currency in the same exchange rate group and type.

      If you record a rate with a blank end date and future rates exist for the specified options, the rate overrides any subsequent rates.

  7. Click Save.

If you want to edit an existing rate, you can change the rate value and the end date. If an end date already exists for a rate, you can only extend it or clear it.