Editing Foundations Exchange Rate Groups

You can edit the following aspects of an exchange rate group:

  • Name
  • Selected currencies

For example, if you no longer want to display rates for a particular currency on the Manage Exchange Rates page, you can remove the currency from the list of selected currencies on the relevant exchange rate groups. Recorded rates are still visible from the Exchange Rate History tab.

To maintain an accurate audit history, you cannot change the default currency after you have saved the group and you cannot delete a group that has related exchange rates.

If the default currency is no longer appropriate for the group and your group contains rates, we recommend that you complete the following steps:

  1. Rename the original group to indicate that it is no longer active. We recommend that you specify a naming convention to identify inactive exchange rate groups.
  2. Create a new group that contains the updated default currency and the relevant selected currencies.
  3. Create rates for the new group that are relevant to the new default currency.