Automated Collections


Conga attachments and customer statements are not supported on this page in this release. If you have reminder rules that use Conga, or send customer statements, you must continue to use the Collections Plus page.

You can use the Automated Collections page to send email reminders for sales invoices for multiple companies.

The Send Reminders tab displays the reminder rules that you have created, the companies associated with each rule, and the number of reminders to be sent.

If you have created automated rules and the rules have already run, the number of reminders sent display.


You can use the search and filter functions on the toolbar to refine the information displayed on this page. You can also click Pencil icon displayed where cells in the table are ditable. Opens a new window. to view details of the invoices to be sent, any invoices that have been excluded and reminders that have errors.

To send multiple rules for all companies you must have all companies selected and be in multi-company mode.

Reminder rules select invoices based on the due date. If you have invoices that meet more than one rule, reminders will only be sent for the rule that is either before the due date or closest to the due date. Invoices will not be selected for the next rule until the number of days specified in the Offset Days for Collections Reminders field in the Accounting Settings custom setting is reached.
For example, if you set up reminder rules for 10 and 30 days after the invoice due date, when you first run the reminder process, invoices that are 30 days overdue are initially sent a reminder for being 10 days overdue. If the Offset Days for Collections Reminders field is set to 5 (the default), you must wait 5 days before you can send further reminders for the invoices that are 30 days overdue.
When you send reminders for a rule, the process creates a cached workspace for each company associated with that rule. Only invoices available when you run the rule are included and the workspace is effectively locked. If you make changes to invoices that affect their availability for that reminder rule after reminders have been sent, those changes will not appear in Collections Plus until the following day.

Sending Reminders

To send or exclude reminders you must have the Accounting and Billing - Collections - Send Email Reminders permissions assigned.

To send reminders:

  1. Click the Automated Collections page.
  2. [Optional] To filter the rules and companies, click Filter symbol.. On the filter panel enter the companies and rules that you want to filter on. You can select multiple companies and rules. Click Apply.
  3. [Optional] Select the rules and companies that you want to send reminders for. All rules and all companies are selected by default.
  4. [Optional] To review the invoices selected for a company and rule, hover over the To Send count and then click Pencil representing the Edit function (Edit). The Reminders to Send window displays. To exclude invoices from the reminders process, clear the Selected checkbox and enter a reason in the Reason for Exclusion field. Click Save.
  5. Click Send. The reminders and any attachments are created. Reminder logs are created and the reminders are processed and sent. You can refresh the page to view updated counts of reminders sent and any errors. You will receive an email notification when the reminders process is complete.

Viewing Sent Reminders

To view sent reminders:

  1. On the Automated Collections page, click (Edit) in the Sent column. The Reminders Sent window displays.
  2. To view the invoice that the reminder was sent for, click the document number.
  3. To view details of the reminder log, click the reminder log reference.

For more information on the reminder logs, see Reminder Logs.

Viewing Excluded Reminders

If you have excluded reminders from the send reminders process, you can view details of those reminders. You can make excluded reminders available for sending again.

To view excluded reminders:

  1. On the Automated Collections page, click (Edit) in the Excluded column. The Reminders Excluded window displays.
  2. To make an excluded reminder available for sending, clear the Selected checkbox. You can clear the Selected checkbox at the top of the grid to make all invoices available to be sent.
  3. Click Save. The To Send count on the Automated Collections page is updated.
  4. Click Send to send reminders for any invoices that are no longer excluded.

Viewing Reminder Errors

If you have errors when sending reminders, you can view these errors and try to resolve them. For more information on common reminder errors and solutions, see Reminder Errors.

To view reminder errors:

  1. On the Automated Collections page, click (Edit) in the Errors column. The Reminders with Errors window displays.
  2. Click the reminder log reference to view details of the reminder error.

Once you have resolved the errors for your reminders, you can click Send to re-send the reminders.