Setting up Collections Plus

You can set up Collections Plus for both reminders and customer statements.


You can set up Collections Plus to send reminders for either sales invoices or billing documents.

To set up Collections Plus for reminders:

  • [Optional] Customize your Account and Contact page layouts.
  • [Optional] Customize your Sales Invoice page layout and your Sales Invoice search layout.
  • Assign the following permissions to your Collections Plus users:
    • Accounting and Billing - Reminder Rule
    • Accounting and Billing - Statement Rule
    • Collections - Send Email Reminders
  • [Optional] To send reminders for billing documents instead of sales invoices:
    • Select the Send Reminders for Billing Documents custom setting.
    • Assign the FDN Common Concepts - Billing Document and Accounting and Billing - Sales Invoice - Hold Release Collection permission sets to your Collections Plus users.
    • Customize your Billing Document search layout.
    • Specify the custom billing document email template, if required.
  • Enable Collections Plus using Feature Console.
  • Configure the email templates that you want to use to create reminders.
  • [Optional] Configure the following Collections Plus custom setting fields:
    • Additional Contacts Field Name For SIN. You can use this field to specify the field to use for additional email addresses to send reminders to.
    • Detailed Reminder Logs for All Contacts. Specifies that detailed reminder logs, containing the email body and any attachments, are created for all contacts when sending reminders. The default value is true.
    • Reminder Logs Retention Period. Specifies the minimum number of days to retain reminder logs before they can be deleted.
  • [Optional] Configure an org-wide email address.
  • Create reminder rules, to determine when to send reminders.
  • [Optional] Enable Feed Tracking for the Reminder objects.

Customer Statements

To set up Collections Plus for customer statements:

  • Assign the customer statement permission sets to your users.
  • Configure the email template that you want to use for customer statements.
  • [Optional] Configure an org-wide email address.
  • Create customer statement rules.