Creating Reminder Rules


Reminder rules that use Conga to create attachments are NOTsupported in Automated Collections in this release. If you want to create reminder rules that use Conga, you can only assign a single company to each rule and must use the Collections Plus page to send reminders for these rules.

You cannot edit reminder rules that were created using the single company reminder rule process in previous versions of Accounting.

When you create a reminder rule you can configure the following:

  • The companies in your org that the reminders are sent from.
  • The number of days from the due date that the reminder is sent.
  • The email template that is used to send reminders. You can use Classic email templates or Conga templates. You must have Conga Connector installed to use Conga templates.
  • Whether the reminders are sent from an org-wide email address.
  • Whether the rule is automated.
  • Whether the rule is active.
  • The maximum age, in days, of the invoices retrieved for the reminder rule.

If you use Conga attachments with your reminder rules, you can only assign a single company to each rule. Multi-company rules with Conga attachments are not supported in the Summer 2023 release.

Automated reminder rules are scheduled to run daily. You can select the time that you want the automated reminders to be sent. You cannot automate a rule if you are using Conga attachments.

The Maximum Invoice Age for Reminders (Days) field, specifies the maximum age in days, based on the due date, of the invoices that are selected for the reminder rule. The default value for this field is 365. This field is used to limit the number of invoices retrieved for each reminder rule. For example, when you first run the reminders process, you can encounter timeout errors if you have a large number of invoices that qualify for your reminder rules. You can reduce the value of this field to reduce the number of invoices retrieved, by excluding invoices over a certain number of days overdue. We recommend that you use the same value for all your reminder rules. For more information, see Reminder Rule Fields.

Each rule that you create must be unique.

To create a reminder rule:

  1. On the Reminder Rules tab, click New. The Reminder Rules Details window displays.
  2. In the Rule Name field, enter the name of the reminder rule. The name displays on the Reminders section of the Collections page. We recommend you make the name descriptive. For example, 1st Reminder, or 30 days after Due Date.
  3. In the Days before or after Due Date field, enter one of the following:
    • A negative number to send reminders before the due date.
    • 0 to send reminders on the due date.
    • A positive number to send reminders after the due date.
  4. [Optional] To automate the rule, select the Automated checkbox.
  5. [Optional] If you have selected the Automated check box, enter a time in the Preferred Start Time field.
  6. [Optional] To attach sales invoices or billing documents to the reminder using Conga, select the Use Conga Attachments checkbox.
  7. [Optional] Change the default value in the Maximum Invoice Age for Reminders (Days) field. You can reduce the value to limit the number of invoices retrieved for the reminder rule. We recommend that you use the same value for all rules.
  8. [Optional] Enter a description of the reminder rule.
  9. Click Save. The Reminder Rule page displays.
  10. In the Reminder Rules Setup sub tab, click Manage. The Reminder Rules Setup window displays.
  11. In the Email Template Name field, select the email template that you want to use. You can select it from the list or use the search functions to find it.
  12. In the Company field, select the companies that you want to associate with the reminder rule. If you are using Conga attachments you can only assign a single company to the rule.
  13. [Optional] Select a sender email address.
  14. Click Save.
  15. On the Reminder Rule page, click Activate to make your rule active.

When you activate a reminder rule, reminders are automatically created for the rules on the Automated Collections page. You cannot change the reminder rule companies for this rule while it is active. If you want to amend the reminder rule companies you must deactivate the rule.