Processing Intercompany Transfers Automatically

The intercompany process consists of two stages:

  1. In the source companyClosed Company that initiates an intercompany transaction., creating and posting intercompany documents. This creates the relevant transactions and intercompany transferClosed Object used as a staging location for data used when transferring costs to other companies in the same organization. records.
  2. In the destination companyClosed Company that receives the costs during an intercompany transaction., processing the intercompany transfer records to generate the corresponding intercompany documents and transactions.

You can enable auto-processing so that once the intercompany document is posted in the source company, a batch job automatically processes the resulting intercompany transfer record and creates the corresponding intercompany document in the destination company. The document in the destination company is created with the status "In Progress" unless auto-post is enabled. (See "Auto-Posting Destination Documents" below for more information.)

To enable auto-processing, select the Auto-Process checkbox on the source company's intercompany definitionClosed Defines the intercompany control accounts to use when transferring costs between companies in the same organization. for trading with the appropriate destination company. When you next post an intercompany document between those two companies, you will be notified by email of the success or failure of the auto-processing batch job. The batch job can only process records that your user permissions would allow you to process manually. If the job fails for any reason, you will need to process the intercompany transfer records in the destination company manually as explained in Processing Intercompany Transfers.


If you intend to auto-process intercompany cash entries, make sure a default bank account is set on the intercompany definition of the destination company.

Auto-Posting Destination Documents

You can further automate the intercompany process by configuring the destination company to auto-post documents that it receives from source companies.

To enable auto-posting, select the Auto-Post checkbox on the destination company's intercompany definition for trading with the appropriate source company. Next time the destination company receives documents from that source company, once the documents are processed (either manually or automatically) they will be posted automatically and their status set to "Complete".


The Auto-Post and Auto-Process options work independently of each other. For example, you may process intercompany transfer records manually in a destination company, but the resulting documents will be posted automatically if the destination company's intercompany definition for trading with that source company is set up for Auto-Post.