ERP Apex API Developer Reference


global with sharing class ImportExportService

This class is the main entry point for the Import/Export service



global static String export(Set<Id> ids)

Creates a JSON string that selects and serializes the record data for the each Id.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
ids Set<Id> Ids of the objects to export

Return Value

A JSON string that contains the export data


global static fferpcore.ImportDatabaseRequestContainer deserialize(String json)

Creates a DatabaseRequestContainer from a valid Import JSON string.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
json String The JSON String to deserialize and import

Return Value

A container that contains the new, conflicting and invalid requests based on the data in the JSON data


global static void writeRequests(fferpcore.ImportDatabaseRequestContainer requestContainer)

Goes through all contained ImportDatabaseRequests and acts on them based on the selected option

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
requestContainer fferpcore.ImportDatabaseRequestContainer The DatabaseRequestContainer that wraps the ImportDatabaseRequests
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