Applying Personas to a User

You can modify users’ permission details in bulk by changing the personas that are applied to them, for example, if their job role changes.

To apply additional personas to one or more existing user:

  1. Navigate to the Apply Personas tab. You can access this tab from the User Management app or from a link on the Foundations & Integrations Task Launcher.
  2. Select one or more personas to determine role-specific information to apply to the users you will specify in the next step, such as permission sets, permission set groups, and licenses.
  3. Select one or more Salesforce users that you want to apply the selected personas to.

    These personas will be applied to the user in addition to any personas already applied to them.

  4. Click Apply Personas. The personas are applied to the users. To check progress, see the Assignments related list on the user information records.