Creating or Updating Users with Foundations User Management


When creating a new user, we recommend that you use the Create User tab rather than manually creating a user information record. This process automatically creates user information records, which you can use to update an existing user. For more information, see Creating a User.

When you have created or imported your user information records, you can run the Apply User Information job to create or update Salesforce users. For more information about user information records, see Creating User Information and Importing User Information.

When the job runs, Foundations updates records based on their status:

  • For records with status "Pending Create", Foundations creates a new active Salesforce user. The Salesforce user name is created by concatenating the First Name and Last Name fields. When complete, the Status field on the user information record is set to “Active”.
  • For records with status "Pending Update", Foundations applies the changes specified on the user information record to the Salesforce user record. A Salesforce user record must exist before it can be updated.
  • For records with status "Pending Deactivation", Foundations deactivates the Salesforce user, but does not delete their user details. When complete, the Status field on the user information record is set to “Deactivated”.
  • For records with status "Pending Activation", Foundations activates the existing Salesforce user record and notified that they must change their password.

We recommend that you reset the Salesforce password for each newly-activated user. When you reset a user's password, Salesforce sends them an email that contains instructions and a link to specify their new password. For more information about resetting user passwords, see the Salesforce Help.


When you save changes to a user record, Foundations updates the status to “Pending Update”. This ensures that the user record is included when the Apply User Information scheduled job is run.

To run the Apply User Information job, you must first enable the Scheduled Jobs feature in Feature Console. See Enabling and Disabling Features and Scheduled Jobs.

To view error details, go to the Scheduled Jobs tab, select Apply User Information, and check the logs related to the scheduled job run record.


Do not make any changes to the User Management Template, User Management Template Data, or FDN Plugin custom metadata type records while the Apply User Information job is running. If these records are changed while the job is running, it might not run correctly, resulting in templates being applied incorrectly.